Lecture & Film

Jairo Ferreira: cinema of invention

O Vampiro da Cinemateca

Renato Coelho

Dec. 7, 2017 20:15 h

Jairo Ferreira (1945-2003), a noted critic and filmmaker from São Paulo, was the author of the classic book Cinema de invenção (Cinema of invention), a work that deals with the films and filmmakers of the Cinema Marginal. Among his own films is O Vampiro da Cinemateca (The Vampire of the Cinematheque), a radical feature film shot in Super 8mm between 1975 and 1977, a cinematographic experiment in which he both reflects on and puts into practice his concept of "invention". In the film, Ferreira drinks from the fountain of Cultural Anthropophagy - such as proposed by Oswald de Andrade, the icon of Brazilian Modernism -, in a powerful mixture of the experimental, documentary and fictional cinema conventions.